3 benefits of Gentle Gaze

3 benefits of Gentle Gaze

#1 Non-comedogenic, say goodbye to milia seeds!

Not only does Gentle Gaze work wonders, it is formulated with a lightweight texture in mind. We take into consideration concerns of milia seeds from eye creams, and want to see how we can make it better and suitable for all skin types! Gentle Gaze is non-greasy and non-oily, making it the perfect eye cream that absorbs quickly and is ready for your makeup in the morning. Similarly, Gentle Gaze can also be an accompaniment to your night routine, using it before moisturiser, serums and oils. 

#2 Natural cooling metal tip applicator

Unlike many eye creams that you have come across, Gentle Gaze comes with a metal tip applicator that is more hygienic as compared to a pot that requires constant dipping of fingers. Additionally, the metal applicator serves as an easy tool for when you want a fuss-free eye massage! We recommend chilling Gentle Gaze in the fridge to give you that extra satisfaction when it touches your skin, making it the perfect eye cream that you’d never want to switch out for! 

#3 Anti-ageing properties

Gentle Gaze is multitasking eye cream that not only depuffs and reduces swelling, it also contains ingredients like Kelp and Ceramides that help with boosting collagen and erases signs of ageing like wrinkles, and crow’s feet that appear around the eyes. Eye creams in the market are usually targeted to help with either/or concerns, but why buy 5 specific ones when you can just get one Gentle Gaze that helps eliminate all your skin concerns? 

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