About Us

It all began with my love of makeup. I found myself obsessed with the flawless beauty I saw gracing the pages of the fashion magazines and lighting up the screens.

So I decided to learn all I could about makeup. I attended several prestigious makeup schools and academies around the globe, learning how to recreate the looks I was so enamored with.

During my time in Korea, I made an important discovery.

They placed a lot of emphasis on skin preparation rather than the make up itself. The idea is that when you care and pay attention to your skincare routine, you will need less make up. 

Makeup is at its best when you start with good skin. When makeup is used to cover up flaws, it can look caked on and unflattering. Instead, makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty, meaning less is more. And that means to get the most out of your makeup, you need to start with healthy and happy skin.


With this realization in mind, I set out to create products that are effective, fun and easy to incorporate into your current skincare routine. 

Skincare should be personalised and curated to your own skin type and lifestyle. Listen to your skin, and use only what you need.  Skincare should be fun and stress-free. 

I want to give the gift of healthy skin to people around the world. I want them to feel happy, confident and beautiful.

That dream is finally a reality. I’m proud to introduce you to Sigi Skin. Enjoy the beautiful, healthy skin you’ve always wanted.