3 Reasons why you need Idyllic Fields

3 Reasons why you need Idyllic Fields

What is Idyllic Fields?

Idyllic Fields is a waterless daytime moisturiser that effectively addresses skin concerns, such as dryness, inflammation and compromised skin barrier functions. The soft, baby-yellow moisturiser sinks into the skin immediately - providing instant hydration and relief from irritations. 

3 reasons why you need it in your skincare routin

1. Rebalances and restores your skin barrier of sensitive complexions 

Idyllic Fields is made up of a comprehensive and soothing blend of 71.9% oats, troxerutin, polyglutamic acid and matcha extracts. 

Oats have anti-inflammatory properties that help treat acne and dry skin. Matcha will relieve skin’s redness. Troxerutin will firm the skin and relieve skin irritation while polyglutamic acid will reduce effects of skin aging. 

With daily use, you can expect stronger, softer, healthier and smoother skin!

2. Unlike many other moisturisers, Idyllic fields is waterless

Oftentimes water (aqua) is found at the top of the ingredient list for skincare products, implying that water has the highest quantity. However, water-based skincare products are actually less effective than waterless ones. This may be news to you, but it’s true - rapid evaporation of water from your skin causes the cells to lose moisture quickly along with your skin’s natural oils. 

Water soluble ingredients also don’t penetrate the skin as effectively as lipophilic (oil-based) ingredients. The lack of penetration from hydrolysed skincare makes it difficult for your skin to achieve cellular turnover and ultimately leads to dull looking skin. 

Additionally, water-based formulas require preservatives. These synthetic chemicals inhibit bacteria and mould growth - which is a good thing - but it means that the potency or concentration of the actual product decreases. 

Idyllic Fields is 100% waterless, only what’s best for your skin!

3. Hydrates the skin and perfect under makeup 

Idyllic Fields is lightweight but still effectively moisturises all skin types, it is the perfect skin prep for your makeup base.

What’s more?

For each bottle of Idyllic Fields sold, 5% of the proceeds go to the Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) animal shelter.

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