3 skincare travelling tips

3 skincare travelling tips
  1. Always bring your sunscreen!

No matter which country you're going to, or which season it is, sunscreen is non-negotiable! Bring along Morning Glow, it is waterproof and sits well underneath makeup so you don't have to bring along a separate sunscreen!

2. Bring a cleanser that does it all 

Your suitcase is precious real estate so try to choose products that can help save your suitcase space! We recommend to bring Kaleanser along with you on your travels! It doubles up as a makeup cleanser and your second cleanse to give you a perfectly cleansed canvas!

3. If your skincare favs don’t come in travel sizes, get creative!

The easiest is to transfer your skincare products to smaller containers, another excellent tip is to use contact lens cases for products you need in smaller quantities (such as eye creams) to maximise saving space.

Our products are designed in mind to be leakproof and travel friendly! That means all of our products can be brought onboard (except 200ML Kaleanser) and are all sleek and non-bulky! Travel with us now!

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