3 Tea-Tox tips!

3 Tea-Tox tips!

Tea-Tox is our silky-soft sheet mask made of a powerful concoction of 20% probiotics, cold pressed yuzu extracts, sake and kombucha.

This miracle worker will help brighten, soothe and heal your skin and eliminate any redness and irritation. 

Reveal a brighter complexion with just one use. ✨

Here are 3 Tea-Tox tips to fully maximise this wonderful goodness! 

1. Store it in the fridge.

A cool sheet mask can work wonders.

The cooling effect helps to

  • constrict blood vessels
  • reduce puffy under-eye bags
  • calm inflammation

2. Follow the suggested usage time as indicated.

Longer is not better!

Leaving your sheet mask for longer than stated can actually start to dry out your skin instead, as it begins to draw moisture away from your face.

We recommend using Tea-Tox for 15 to 25 minutes.  

3. Max out the essence.

After applying your mask, slather the remaining essence all over your neck, legs, arms... basically everywhere and anywhere!

They need a little TLC too ❤️

Tea-Tox contains a whopping 27ml of essence, it will surely be sufficient! 

P.S., We don't recommend storing the essence for more than 24 hours as it contains probiotics!


It is recommended for new users of Tea-Tox to start off with it 4 times a week, and then twice a week thereafter to maintain skin health.

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