3 tips for calming irritated skin

3 tips for calming irritated skin

Is your skin

  • red?
  • breaking out?
  • stinging?
  • peeling?
  • bleeding?
  • sensitive to the touch?

You might have irritated skin.

Causes of irritated skin

A new product?

A food allergy?

Overused acids and exfoliants?

Picked on your blemishes?

Do not panic, your skin will heal in no time with the right recovery steps!


1. Stick to a basic, essentials-only skincare routine.

Give your skin a break. Avoid using any actives, acids, and exfoliating products, until your skin heals!

A basic skincare routine would only include a cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen for daytime. 

We'd highly recommend Idyllic Fields, our lightweight moisturiser made with 71.9% colloidal oatmeal – an extremely skin soothing ingredient!

2. Avoid using extreme water temperatures.

Water that is too hot may irritate and dry out your skin.

Use lukewarm temperature water! It helps loosen the dirt, but preserves your skin's natural hydrating oils.

3. Use a soothing sheet mask.

I know we only mentioned 3 products above. But Tea-Tox can help speed up the healing process as it contains 20% probiotics, which can help rebalance your skin, reduce redness, and strengthen your skin barrier.

We'd recommend new users to use it 4 times a week to build your skin barrier, before reducing usage to 1-2 times a week to maintain skin health.


Take care of your skin!

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