6 Causes for Premature Aging

6 Causes for Premature Aging

Studies show that only 10% of skin aging is actually caused by your age. The other 90% of wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven texture, and more are likely to appear due to extrinsic factors outside of genetics and simply growing older—something experts refer to as premature aging.


Causes for Premature Aging includes:


1. UV and HEV light

UV light from the sun can cause cancer, but its rays damage skin’s elastin and collagen fibers—causing fine lines, sagging skin.

Blue light that is emitted from our phones, laptops, and other screens, may cause premature aging skin as well



2. Pollution

Forms of pollution like sulfur dioxide and cigarette smoke produce free radicals and create oxidative stress that breaks down collagen.

Leaving behind lasting damage such as fine lines and loss of firmness.



3. Drinking and Smoking

Studies show that smokers produce enzymes that destroy collagen, leading to a variety of skin concerns.

Drinking alcohol can also accelerate aging skin.

Skin becomes more dry as it ages, and alcohol’s dehydrating qualities can exacerbate flaky, rough texture and make fine lines more apparent.



4. Sleep

Bedtime is when the skin goes into deep repair mode, speeding up its cellular turnover rate and increasing collagen production.

Lack of sleep will impair the skin’s defense system and increase inflammation, which will lead to damage.



5. Stress

Excessive stress plays a major role when it comes to our overall health and wellbeing.

When we’re stressed, our body releases cortisol, a hormone that degrades collagen so it can instead use the amino acids
for energy.



6. Skincare Routine

Ensuring your skincare routine includes good-for-skin ingredients and pH-balanced products that’ll help support skin can prevent premature damage from occurring.

We pride ourselves on producing vegan clinical products that are beneficial
to your skin!

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