60 second cleansing rule

60 second cleansing rule

Recall the viral #60SecondRule that took the internet by storm in 2019? Since then, a plethora of opinions have emerged regarding the significance of facial cleansing. Now, the moment has arrived to bring an end to this prolonged deliberation. Let's delve into the heart of the matter: What is the optimal duration for a thorough facial cleanse, and does this time span truly hold any significance?

Devoting a full 60 seconds to cleansing, particularly with a gentle cleanser, yields multifaceted benefits. This timeframe facilitates the softening of the skin, the thorough purification of pores, and the removal of accumulated pollutants, makeup, and perspiration from the day's activities. Equally significant is the enhancement of product efficacy—especially pertinent if investments have been made in serums and other advanced skincare regimens—thanks to the canvas of your impeccably cleansed skin. 

It's crucial to emphasise that a proper cleanse accomplishes this while upholding the skin's inherent barrier. This barrier plays a ceaseless role in shielding your facial skin from the effects of chemicals, product components, and environmental pollutants. A mild cleanser effectively eliminates dead skin cells without disrupting the vital protective measures naturally established by your body. 

For a superbly gentle cleanser, our Kaleanser Face Wash stands out as an excellent choice. Formulated with a blend of glycerin, kale extracts, and soy extracts, Kaleanser excels at effectively purging the day's impurities, all while leaving behind a revitalised and deeply hydrated complexion.

Glycerin, a key ingredient, serves a dual purpose. It not only draws moisture to the skin but also locks it in, contributing to a soothing effect. The inclusion of kale extracts, which boasts a robust profile of Vitamins A, B, C, and K, in addition to antioxidants and phytonutrients, offers a multi-faceted approach. Its role extends to detoxifying the skin and minimising pores. Complementing this, soy extracts enrich the formula with a wealth of antioxidants, prominently featuring Vitamin E. Furthermore, its natural emollient properties coupled with anti-inflammatory attributes contribute to an enhanced skincare experience.

Choose Kaleanser Face Wash for a cleansing ritual that combines the potency of glycerin, kale extracts, and soy extracts, resulting in a refreshed visage with optimal hydration and a revitalised allure.

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