A simple 3 step pampering session you can try at home.

A simple 3 step pampering session you can try at home.

Why do you need to pamper yourself?

Treating yourself to a self-care session encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and it is crucial for your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

But because of adulthood and overwhelming responsibilities, self-care is often neglected because you think that "you don't have time for this".


This 3 step pampering session takes as little as 30 minutes of your day. 

1. Take a relaxing warm shower. 

Showers are part of your daily routine, but they are often overlooked. 

It's not just about cleansing your skin. 

Taking a relaxing warm shower is one of the best ways to end a stressful day because it eases both the body and mind. Use body soaps that are lavender or chamomile scented to release a wonderful and calming aroma.

2. Treat yourself to a sheet mask.

After your shower, what's next?

Pamper your skin with a sheet mask! Use this 15 minutes to have a me-time with yourself. Tune in to some calming music, and this is the perfect time to reflect on your self-awareness.

Some questions to start are:

  • What motivates me? 
  • What makes me happy?
  • Is there something in my life that I’m taking for granted?

3. Give yourself a little face massage. 

With the remaining essence from your sheet mask, lock the moisture in with an overnight cream like Dream Capsule

Take this time to give yourself a massage as the cream gets absorbed in. It won't take long I promise!

Sure, you can find detailed step on how to properly massage your face. But, you can also do it however you like, simply follow these 2 rules: 

  • Always massage in a upward direction, never down!
  • Be gentle with your skin.


There you have it, a simple 3 step self-care session done in 30 minutes. ❤️

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