Air Pollution VS Skin

Air Pollution VS Skin

Air pollution can be defined as the release of pollutants into the atmosphere that are harmful to human health and the environment as a whole. 

What causes air pollution?

Solid and liquid particles, as well as certain gasses suspended in the air, contribute to air pollution. These particles and gasses can be emitted by automobiles and trucks, factories, dust and pollen.

How does air pollution affect our skin?

Skin aging and inflammatory or allergic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or acne have been linked to air pollution exposure, with skin cancer being one of the most serious consequences. Some air pollutants (such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide) and scattering particulates (clouds and soot) in the troposphere, on the other hand, reduce the effects of shorter wavelength UVR, and significant reductions in UV irradiance have been observed in polluted urban areas. 

Although human skin acts as a biological shield against pro-oxidative chemical and physical air pollutants, repeated or prolonged exposure to high levels of these pollutants can have serious consequences for the skin.

What can we do to protect our skin? Here are some ways using Sigi Skin’s Products!

Apply Sunscreen (Morning Glow)

Apply sunscreen to create layers of protection on top because it protects the skin from UV-induced damage and also traps smog particles, preventing these harmful chemicals from penetrating deep into the skin.

Scrub/Exfoliate (Bright Skies)

Pollution deposits a layer of chemicals on the skin, causing inflammation. Thus, it is important to scrub/exfoliate to get rid of the dirt and chemicals. 

Cleanse Well (Kaleanser)

Apply cleanser in circular motions to the face for deep cleansing and to reverse the damage caused by pollutants.

Moisturize your Skin (Idyllic Fields)

Pollution causes dark and dull skin. Therefore, moisturizers are recommended to nourish the skin.

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