AM vs PM skincare routine: What's the difference?

AM vs PM skincare routine: What's the difference?

Did you know that your skincare routine should be different in the AM and PM? Yep you heard that right! Your skin has differing needs during the day and night, which require you to have different regimes to match your skin's needs. 

The products in an ideal AM routine should aim to hydrate and protect your skin while you're out doing your daily tasks. That's also the time where you're more frequently exposed to sunlight and pollutants. 

The ideal AM routine

The first thing you should do when you wake up is to cleanse your face. One common misconception is that there are no pollutants or bacteria while you sleep. That's not true! External pollutants like your pillowcase or bedsheets contains germs, bacteria and dead skin cells that cannot be seen with your naked eye. 

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Next, use a mist immediately after cleansing, to prep your skin. This allows the other products to be better absorbed into your skin. It not only boosts the efficiency of your AM skincare routine, it also instantly hydrates your skin - allowing you to feel refreshed. 

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After hydrating your skin, layer it with a daytime moisturiser that's not too heavy on your skin. The perfect AM moisturiser should be one that soothes and protects your skin from environmental pollutants and damage. 

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Last but not least, SPF! Being out and about in the day also means that your skin is constantly exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Always finish off your AM skincare routine with a sunscreen as it's the only thing protecting you from the harmful UV rays. 

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The ideal PM routine

Start off by using a cleanser that is gentle enough for you to double cleanse and remove all your makeup. Having a clean base to work on helps your skincare products to be better absorbed. Try starting off your PM routine with our Kaleanser.

*Remember to exfoliate once every 2-3 days. You can try our Bright Skies Gentle Gel Exfoliator, perfect for removing dead skin cells. Our Bright Skies is best paired with Garden Party Clay Mask. With Kaolin Clay as its key ingredient, it deeply detoxes and clears out all that gunk! It also helps to absorb excess oil without stripping your skin of its much-needed moisture.

BONUS! Pamper your skin with a sheet-mask. You can even do it while lying on your bed to catch up on Netflix. How great does that sound? Our Tea-Tox sheet mask is not like any other - it is a miracle worker. YES, miracle! It restores your skin's microbiome and luminosity, especially against pollution which you might have been exposed to in the day. 

End your night time pampering routine off with an overnight sleeping mask. Try to opt for a moisturiser that contains more nourishing ingredients so your skin gets all that goodness while you snooze. Try our Dream Capsule overnight sleeping mask, which contains ingredients like Bakuchiol, Squalane, Purslane and Niacinamide - everything good for your skin!







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