Back to school skincare

Back to school skincare

School’s back! Going back to school means starting yet another new chapter filled with trials and challenges to overcome - but this does not mean you should neglect yourself! If you are looking to clear up your skin, here are some easy-to-use recommendations you should start with!


  1. Kaleanser 

Start your day right and get a head-start with a dreamy-like cleanser, guaranteed to put you in a good mood as you prepare for classes! Use it in the day to wash off all skincare from the previous night and all bacteria accumulated from rolling around in bed, to prep a clean canvas for your morning skincare routine! For the night time, Kaleanser can also remove makeup effectively (even waterproof mascara!), leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated after a long day of back-to-back lectures. 


  1. Dew Potion

After cleansing, use Dew Potion and pat it into skin to calm any redness, acne, irritation or eczema; or use it as a makeup spray to ensure you stay flawless all day! 

Falling asleep in lectures? Air conditioning drying out your skin? Bring Dew Potion anywhere in your bag and give yourself a quick spritz for a quick hydration boost and pick-me-up, whenever and wherever! 


  1. Gentle Gaze

Burning the midnight oil yet again? De-puff and de-swell your under-eye areas with Gentle Gaze! Formulated with premium ingredients that can help with oxygenation and to improve blood flow, say goodbye to looking like a zombie during projects again! 

  1. Idyllic Fields

After applying Gentle Gaze, go in with Idyllic Fields to gently but deeply moisturise your skin to ensure it does not dry out throughout the day! Our waterless daytime moisturiser effectively targets dry skin and compromised skin barrier, as well as being effectively in treating and calming acne due to its 71.9% oats content, polyglutamic acid to hold 10x more water as compared to hyaluronic acid, as well as matcha extracts to regulate sebum levels! 


  1. Morning Glow 

Finish up your back to school prep with our bestseller sunscreen, Morning Glow! Ensure that you are well-protected from harmful UV rays that can cause premature ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, and at the same time, keeping your skin supple and hydrated! Morning Glow is also great as a makeup primer! 


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