Benefits of Waterless Skincare Products

Benefits of Waterless Skincare Products

The pressure to live more sustainably can be overwhelming, but when you learn that two-thirds of the world's population may face water scarcity by 2025, you can't ignore it. As consumers, you have the ability to affect change, but brands must also address their consumption rates.

What are waterless skincare products?

For skincare products, going "waterless" means replacing it with pure, potent botanical extracts or oils, which means our skincare contains more active and skin-nourishing ingredients. This boosts the efficacy of our serums and moisturisers, ultimately benefiting our skin. 

Thus, at Sigi Skin, we have formulated two skincare products (Dew Potion & Idyllic Fields) that are waterless and environmentally friendly.

Dew Potion a waterless essence mist made up of 100% extracts. The Dew Potion contains ingredients such as chamomile flower (55%), aqua 3g (27%) and maqui berry (3%). The mist was formulated with these ingredients to hydrate and protect our skin from pollutants and environmental stressors. 

Idyllic Fields is a waterless moisturiser made up of 71.9% oats extracts. The Idyllic Fields also contain other ingredients such as matcha extracts and polyglutamic acid produced by fermentation of soybeans to aid in reducing acne and reducing the skin’s appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Waterless Skincare Benefits

Your skin naturally secretes oil to protect itself from harmful elements and to deliver antioxidants and vitamins to the skin's outermost layers, keeping it moisturised and strong. Thus, when you use water-based products, it will strip your skin's natural oil barrier because water evaporates, taking your skin's natural oils with it. 

In addition, waterless skincare products mostly use healthy oils and calming natural ingredients as a base as a water substitute. As a result of not being diluted, the active ingredients in these products are more potent. There is also no need for preservatives or fillers because the lack of water in waterless skincare products means that bacterial growth is minimal.

These concentrated ingredients help to protect the skin from harm or irritation caused by preservatives in skincare products.

When you use a waterless skincare product, you can be confident that all of the active ingredients have been concentrated and properly infused into your skin. As a result, you get a better, faster, and more powerful skincare result.

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