Breakouts: Causes & How to help

Breakouts: Causes & How to help

#1 Cutibacterium Acne

This refers to acne caused by bad bacteria. The bacteria ‘C.acnes’ is part of the natural skin microbiome and helps to keep the surface of your skin at its healthy acidic pH. If your microbiome is not balanced, C.acnes start to take over and can lead to breakouts. 

Use products that can help to keep your microbiome balanced such as Youth Beam and Tea-Tox!

#2 Hyperkeratinization 

This refers to acne caused by dead skin cells. Healthy skin is constantly creating new skin cells which rise through the epidermis and eventually fall off - natural skin cellular turnover. This happens on the surface and inside each pore. Dead skin cells can get stuck inside a pore and cause a blockage. 

Exfoliate regularly with Bright Skies to prevent dead skin cells from clogging your pores! 

#3 Inflammation

This refers to blackheads that turn into a pimple. When oil and skin cells get trapped in a pore, it's called a comedone. Once inflammation and bacteria get involved, it turns into a pimple. Exfoliate and deep cleanse regularly to prevent black or white heads from forming. 

Try to incorporate Bright Skies and Garden Party at least 1-2 times a week in your routine!

#4 Sebaceous Hyperactivity

This refers to breakouts caused by too much oil. Sebum production is controlled by your hormones, it is a crucial part of skin health and is excreted out through your pores. However, if your glands produce sebum much faster than your pores can distribute, it will cause a backup and clog the pore. 

We recommend using a lightweight daytime moisturiser such as Idyllic Fields!

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