Common Misconceptions about Skincare (and busted)!

Common Misconceptions about Skincare (and busted)!

You’re piling on various skincare products in attempts of some TLC for your skin, but that annoying acne breakout is just not going away. The countless products, tried and tested, are less than effective for your skin… Does the situation sound familiar at all to you? 

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of your life, but in order for it to be effective, it needs to be done correctly. Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all solution, in fact, that is a myth! Many still have misconceptions on how they should be treating their skin. Read on to find out how you can refrain from making the same mistakes! 

  • Sunblock is optional when it is not sunny outside.
  • “It’s raining today, so why do I need sunblock? The UV rays are blocked anyway.”

    Not going to lie, this is something that I have actually heard people say and they couldn’t be more wrong! Be it rain or shine (or even snow), UV rays are still present in the atmosphere. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, even when it is cloudy, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays reach the earth. So, going unprotected will increase chances of skin damage! 

    However, combating UV rays has been made better with our Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen. Containing cruelty-free ingredients that will protect and nourish your skin, its whipped texture also makes it easy to apply—leaving no residues or greasy films behind. 

  • Acne breakout happens because your skin is not clean enough.
  • For people who have been suffering from acne, they know that this is absolutely a myth because I have been in their shoes. I still breakout even though I wash my face and take care of my skin... There can be many reasons as to why an acne breakout can occur, so before you reach for that facewash for the nth time of the day (despite seeing minimal results), consider other possible reasons! Take care of your diet, engage in stress-free activities (aka chill-out) once in a while and stay hydrated! However, if it’s a serious problem, you might want to consider paying your dermatologist a visit. Don’t ignore your skin, folks! 

  • Touching my skin is harmless.
  • The opposite is known fact to many, but it is still a common misconception to a lot of other people. “Is it really as bad as it sounds?” Your hand comes into contact with many things, for eg. your smartphone, door knobs, handles on the MRT—and you never know how many hands have touched those before! This can cause germs to spread and your face is not safe from it either. Yes, I know that annoying little pimple on your face may seem extremely tempting to pop, but there is a reason why dermatologists are extremely against it. Simply because popping it will cause those germs to spread even more while also disrupting the healing process. So, get your hands off your face! 

    Alright, skincare enthusiasts. Keep those busted myths in mind and pave your way to clearer and healthier skincare methods!

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