Complete morning routine with Sigi Skin

Complete morning routine with Sigi Skin

Mornings can be a pain especially when you have a cumbersome routine. If you are just looking for a 5 minutes slather-on and fuss-free skincare that fits perfectly in your busy schedule, you just need these few and you will be fit for the ‘gram! 

Complete Morning Routine with Sigi Skin 

1. Kaleanser Face Wash

Start by washing your face with a gentle face wash to remove all the remaining skincare left from the previous night. Washing your face in the morning also helps to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells that build up as well as the bacteria that gets on your face as you toss and turn on your pillow throughout the night! For a fresh, clean canvas to start your day right, always opt for one that is effective and thorough. Kaleanser Face Wash is formulated for even the most sensitive of skins that can help to remove even waterproof makeup with its dreamy-like texture! You can even use it for double cleansing both in the day and night as you wish. 


2. Dew Potion Waterless Essence Mist

After cleansing, our skin needs a quick hydration boost! Dew Potion Waterless Mist contains a bulk of extracts that can help with calming inflammation, redness and even eczema skin conditions. It replaces your toner step and combines your essence step into one single spritz! Dew Potion also boasts instant hydration and increased moisture retention throughout the day for that well-hydrated skin! Use a coin-sized amount for every wash. 


3. Gentle Gaze Eye Cream

After we give our skin a boost, we also must not neglect our eyes. Eye creams such as Gentle Gaze can help to encourage blood circulation to prevent puffiness that might be a result of insufficient or a bad quality sleep. Gentle Gaze can also help to lighten dark eye circles and eye bags, as well as help in diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. It comes with a convenient metal tip applicator that makes massaging and application a breeze - convenient and saves time in the morning without having to dip into pots! Use 1 pea-sized amount under each eye for best results. 


4. Daylight Oasis Vitamin C Serum 

Here is where our newest addition should come in. After an essence mist and eye cream, Vitamin C serums should come up as the next step. Apply 2-3 drops of Daylight Oasis on the entire face and witness visible results in terms of a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It can also help to even out the skin tone for a brightening effect, as well as give a collagen boost to increase elasticity for plump, supple skin with consistent usage. When used with sunscreen, Daylight Oasis also helps to increase UV protection by forming an extra layer of defence to help combat premature ageing!  


5. Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser

Next up, incorporate a moisturiser! Idyllic Fields is a daytime moisturiser that can help deeply hydrate while still being entirely lightweight and holds well under makeup! With 71.9% oats content, Idyllic Fields can help to calm inflammation, acne, redness, irritation, and even help to balance pH levels of your skin. It also contains polyglutamic acid, which can hold 10x more moisture than hyaluronic acid! Use 2-3 pumps of Idyllic Fields in the day. 


6. Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen 

Last but definitely the most important step of all, sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must in your routine, as harmful UV rays from the sun can cause premature ageing, causing the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation at an early age, making it difficult to deal with later on. Morning Glow is a physical sunscreen that forms an invisible barrier on the surface of your skin to filter out UVA and UVB rays, making sure you are well-protected from the sun! Use the viral method - 2 fingers’ length worth of sunscreen, to ensure full protection. Remember to reapply every 2-3 hours! 

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