Deep diving into exosomes

Deep diving into exosomes

Exosomes, an ingredient in Daylight Oasis, are naturally occurring and can be sourced from within our bodies such as from fat adipose cells, the placenta, platelets, or even the umbilical cord. But what exactly are exosomes? 

Exosomes are messenger particles released by cells in our body, and they carry important information such as growth factors, mRNA, and even DNA. Exosomes are responsible for communication from one cell to another. They are extremely tiny and miniscule, ranging from 30 to 150 nm in size for their diameter, completely naked to the human eye. 

When exosomes are used in terms of treatment, they can help with many medical applications, including repairing damaged tissues. Therefore, exosomes are more commonly seen in many medical grade skincare products and aesthetics procedures such as after microneedling, where it can quickly help increase speed of healing and skin repair. Exosomes are now also offered as injectables, but often come with a hefty price tag as it is the latest and most up to date technology in the market - which has yet to enter the off-the-shelves market, apart from us with Daylight Oasis! The reason why we stress and strive to incorporate this new and upcoming power ingredient is because we believe in its many benefits, and we wish to provide the best at a more accessible level for all. 

Apart from skin and wound healing, exosomes can also target skin conditions such as acne and eczema. They have a great ability to reduce inflammation levels of pimples and atopic skin conditions, which makes it a great ingredient to have. Additionally, it can also help to reduce herpes and cold sores. 

More benefits can also be derived from exosomes. We all like to return to our once youthful glow. This can be achieved easily with exosomes, which are also more commonly used in medical-grade skincare products as an anti-ageing ingredient. Exosomes in Daylight Oasis also work the same way - it can reduce and iron out wrinkles, and fine lines, boosting a smoother appearance. It also helps in rejuvenating the skin by increasing and stimulating collagen production to help with elasticity of skin! 

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