Deep diving into resveratrol

Deep diving into resveratrol

Ever fancy a cup of wine? Or a plate of mixed berries on a hot summer day? Resveratrol is a plant derived ingredient that can be found in these everyday foods, but can also be found in our latest launch - Daylight Oasis Vitamin C Serum. 

Resveratrol has potent antioxidant properties that can help to neutralise free radicals that can damage skin and cause premature ageing. Its main purpose is to help give a more youthful appearance and slow the results of ageing - basically to turn the clock back! Additionally, it also has the following benefits that can help boost the efficacy of Daylight Oasis. 

#1 Protects against environmental aggressors

Whenever we head out for the day, our skin comes into contact with pollution and UV exposure that can damage skin in the long run. When this happens, it causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation to form, which makes it difficult to remove. Research has found that resveratrol is able to help protect against UV damage and lighten these stubborn spots, giving rise to a more even appearance. It can also help to boost and protect your skin barrier to give a smoother and healthier look overall. 

#2 Helps with red, dry, flaky skin 

Resveratrol can also help calm inflammation and redness. This is therefore especially helpful for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis that causes constant breakage of skin and inflammation. Resveratrol contains key skin-calming properties that help minimise the appearance of red, inflamed spots. Itchy, dry and flaky patches as a result from these skin conditions can see improvements when resveratrol is added into their routine! 

#3 Improve skin texture

Having uneven and bumpy skin textures can be difficult to get rid of. This could be a result of acne scarring, build of dead skin cells, clogged pores, and even irregular pore size. To start, resveratrol can help even them out with diligent usage and has the ability to help improve texture of the skin. The unevenness of skin can also give a duller appearance, in which resveratrol is able to brighten skin tone as well.

Resveratrol is an ingredient that can be found in Daylight Oasis Vitamin C Serum - This powerful naturally occurring antioxidant has potent superpowers to fight against ageing, and the ability to help return skin to its original flawless, youthful state! 

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