Do you need a toner in your routine?

Do you need a toner in your routine?

Face toners prep the skin for moisturisers and for better absorption of products. 

In the past, toners often contain drying alcohols as they were geared towards curbing oiliness and fighting blemishes. 

But these days, many are alcohol-free and not as drying as it used to be. 

Are toners necessary?

With that being said, toners can be beneficial for certain skin types such as those with oily or acne-prone skin.

Try an essence instead!

Essences add moisture to the skin from deep within and would complement your serums.

Dew Potion

Dew Potion is a 100% extracts mist that can be used as an essence and a toner!

It contains:

55% Chamomile ExtractsAnti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants that fights and blocks out irritants and reduces acne

27% Aqua 3GContains an unique ingredient, glyceryl-glucoside to retains 2.8 times more moisture

3% Maqui BerryThe world's highest antioxidant superfruit which helps fight aging and loss of collagen


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