Double cleanse with Kaleanser!

Double cleanse with Kaleanser!

As cleansing is an essential step in our everyday routine, we can easily overlook it. 

It is important to do a deep cleanse at night, because if makeup and pollution are not washed away properly, they could potentially contribute to clogged pores, breakouts and aging. 

Double cleansing: washing your face twice to first remove your makeup and sunscreen, so that your cleanser does not have to work its way through the layers and can cleanse more effectively.

Double cleansing ensures you remove all dirt, makeup and the sunscreen. Which means that the skincare products you apply after can better work their magic.

It is common practice for users to remove their makeup or sunscreen with micellar water, makeup wipes, cleansing balms or oil-based liquid cleanser. 

But, you can also wash twice with the same cleanser instead of having 2 separate products!

Double cleanse with Kaleanser

  • Simple massage a 50-cents coin sized drop of Kaleanser on dry skin.
  • Massage in gentle circular motions, including your eyes and don't forget your neck!
  • After a minute or so, rinse off with water.
  • Follow up with a second cleanse with the same amount of Kaleanser, this time on wet skin
  • Remember to be gentle and don't miss a spot!

After cleansing, pat your skin dry and your skin is now ready to drink up the rest of your night routine! ❤️




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