Everything YOU Need to Know About Our Deep Cleansing Clay Mask!

Everything YOU Need to Know About Our Deep Cleansing Clay Mask!

We started formulating Garden Party back in 2019, we really wanted a clay mask that can deeply cleanse and minimize pores, and firm your skin all at once without over drying your skin and stripping away your skin barrier.

Garden Party does all of that!


Garden Party Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

Garden Party is designed to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it of moisture; while respecting and rebalancing your skin’s microbiome and pH levels.

It effectively deep-cleanses and rebalances sebum levels, minimises enlarged pores and prevents breakouts with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garden Party Deep Cleansing Clay Mask is made up of a comprehensive blend of powerhouse superfood and clinically proven ingredients. It contains kaolin clay, astaxanthin, camu camu extracts, grapeseed extracts, and rosemary extracts that deeply cleanses your skin while respecting your skin barrier, making it a perfect choice for people who have sensitive, eczema or rosacea skin. 

Kaolin Clay helps to deeply detox and absorb excess sebum which prevents acne breakouts.

Astaxanthin is one ingredient that we had much difficulty sourcing. It repairs and reverses DNA damage and protects the skin against hyperpigmentation. This is also what gives salmon its pinkish hue, and also why the color of Garden Party is in a nice warm shade of turmeric orange.

Grapeseed Extracts helps to lightens scars and hyperpigmentation by speeding up the healing process as it greatly boosts collagen production.

Rosemary Extracts contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent breakouts. It also helps to tightens skin and stimulates cell regeneration to help hyperpigmentation.

Camu Camu extracts is a rich source of Vitamin C & Niacinamide that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, brightens the skin and boosts radiance.
It also suppresses melanin production.

Garden Party has a lush pudding-like texture, upon application you will feel the mask tightening around your skin to help firm and minimise your pore size.

Leave it on for 5 -10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. You will notice your pores are visibly cleaner and smaller.

In our efforts to be sustainable, Garden Party’s packaging is refillable. Each new jar of Garden Party comes with a nice little brush that helps you to apply Garden Party without dipping your hands into the bottle to prevent contamination.


We've been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you this clay mask and hope that your skin will love it too!




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