Exfoliating in summer

Exfoliating in summer

Importance of exfoliating in summer

Exfoliating is beneficial for the skin and should be done on a regular basis, but why is it a more crucial step to have during the summer period? 

When we exfoliate, it helps to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cell buildup. Although this is a natural process whereby we shed them by ourselves, they do sometimes need a slight push in order to speed up the process and to do it more effectively to prevent skin dullness. 

During summer, we sweat, we move, and we sweat more. With a mixture of this and sebum, especially so in sweltering and humid conditions, it can cause even more production of sweat through the sweat glands, resulting in oiler, more greasy, and more clogged pores filled with all the dirt, sebum, grime and makeup, as well as surrounding or environmental pollution! 

By exfoliating regularly in summer, you are removing this build up quickly which can smoothen out your skin tone, unclog your pores, stimulate high skin cell turnover, helps prevent acne by regulating sebum levels, and also brightening of complexion! 

It is, however, to note that you should not be exfoliating every single day, even if your skin feels oily. Over exfoliating can damage your skin barrier and result in very raw, irritated and sensitised skin, which can only get worse when coupled with the heat of the sun and sweat. 

After exfoliating, your pores are cleaner and skin is brighter, but this also means it is more vulnerable to sun damage. Take precautions to protect your skin by using sunscreen as a layer of defence and protect it from being irritated by harsh sun exposure. 

Always opt for a gentle exfoliator like Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator without the addition of harsh abrasions like shells and beads that can cause micro tears in the skin. Bright Skies helps remove dead skin cells gently and effectively without much rubbing of the skin, and it comes out much like eraser dust. It also gives rise to a much smoother and brighter appearance immediately after exfoliation. 

For sunscreen, opt for a SPF50 one that can offer maximum protection, such as Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen. It gives a slight tone-up effect, but do not mistake this for white cast as it is able to apply on flawlessly and smoothly without pilling, while still being able to hydrate under makeup! 

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