Going on a holiday? Here’s what you need:

Going on a holiday? Here’s what you need:

Planning a getaway trip with the whole family this June holiday? Remember to pack your skincare essentials and ensure nothing gets left out! 

#1 Facial wash

Regardless of your location, pollution is the single most difficult factor to avoid that can contribute to breakouts and premature ageing. We experience it in our daily lives, from car exhausts, cigarette smoke, to stuffy recirculated cabin air. In order to prevent these dust and impurities from settling on your skin, void the chance of bacteria build-up by washing your face - yes - even on the plane! Even better, pick up the habit of double cleansing to ensure your cleanser has properly removed all the stubborn grime that is left behind! 

Kaleanser Face Wash - Gentle, gel texture that is easy to rinse but effective in lifting stubborn waterproof makeup and sunscreen. It also works wonders in softening and plumping up the skin after a wash, to give rise to a supple and well-hydrated appearance! 

#2 Moisturiser

Going into an unfamiliar environment or forcing your skin to experience a sudden change can cause your skin to react adversely, such as sudden breakouts and dry, flaky skin. Especially in the presence of harsh winds and dry cabin air, moisturisers are essential to seal in hydration.

If you are looking for a multi-tasking moisturiser, Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask also targets skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation while being able to penetrate through the layers of your skin to supply adequate hydration, plus sealing them all in to prevent dryness! Talk about the perfect all-in-one moisturiser! 

#3 Sunscreen 

At this point, you should be familiar with the mantra that sunscreen is never negotiable! It should always be applied whether you are indoors, outdoors, on the plane or in a vacuum space with windows, sunscreen is still a must. Best still, bring it along with you in your everyday bag or carry on when travelling, and reapply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection! 

Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen has a broad spectrum SPF of 50 with PA++++, with a smooth, hydrating formula with added hyaluronic acid that makes it the dream sunscreen to have! It has no white cast, and is extremely lightweight, which sits well under makeup. It is also safe for all expecting and nursing mothers alike! 


If you are having difficulty finding a travel-sized facial cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen that you can just pack and go, opt for The Minis, a series of skin essentials that are compact and easy to bring around as you explore the world! 

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