Happy International Animal Welfare Day!

Happy International Animal Welfare Day!

Calling all animal lovers! It's time to celebrate International Animal Welfare Day with a paw-some spirit! Here at Sigi Skin, we're wagging our tails in excitement to share how we contribute to animal welfare and how you can join the party too! 

If you didn’t already know, Sigi Skin is a certified cruelty-free and vegan brand! This means that

1. Our products are developed without any tests on animals

2. We do not include any animal-derived ingredients!

In addition, to pay tribute to the passing of our founder’s childhood fur friend, we have been committed to donate 5% of Idyllic Field’s Daytime Moisturiser’s proceeds to a Singapore’s volunteer-run dog shelter - Save our Stray Dogs (SOSD). They exist to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome strays to give them a second chance at life, giving these beautiful creatures a chance to find their forever home.

Want to help but don’t know how? Fret not! Here are some ways you can extend a helping paw! 

Support Animal Charities: Show some animal love by making a donation to your favorite animal charity! They do incredible work to provide cuddles and care to our four-legged pals in need.

Spread the Woof: Let's make some noise for World Animal Day! Share the importance of animal welfare with your pals, family, and the whole pet-loving world. The more, the merrier!

Be a Furry Hero: Unleash your inner superhero and volunteer with an animal charity or rescue organisation. Put on your cape, save the day, and make tails wag with joy!

Fur-ever Homes: Ready to add a bundle of joy to your family? Adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue organisation. Give them a loving home and make them part of your fur-ever family!

Remember, animal welfare isn't just serious stuff; it's a celebration of love, compassion, and all things adorable! So let's have a howling good time this International Animal Welfare Day, making the world a better place for our furry friends! 

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