Happy Skin Care Resolutions for 2019

Happy Skin Care Resolutions for 2019

New Year. New Me. New Skincare Regime! 

Time to throw away skincare bad habits and embracing good practices to achieve happy, healthy skin in 2019! 

It shouldn't be difficult or unachievable, these are the top 5 simple skincare resolutions Sigi Skin Team swearby!  


1. Apply Sunscreen Everyday 

Harmful UV rays are all around us 365 days. No reason to not slab on sunscreen. Even when its cloudy or raining, UVA rays are still present. And those are the rays that will cause aging, rather than burning. Hard to find a good sunscreen that is lightweight and offers superior protection against UV rays? We got you covered! 

2. Wash Your Make Up Tools at least Once A Week 

We are all guilty of this. It's time to make a change. Make up tools contains many bacteria and germs. Imagine this getting in contact with clean skin after you wash your face in the morning. Effort down the drain right? This ultimately causes clogged pores, resulting in blemishes and acne. 

For powder brushes we wash it once a week. For foundation brushes and beauty blenders, we wash them after 2 uses. Invest in makeup brushes washing pads, they do make washing them much faster! 

3. Change Your Pillow Case Once A Week 

This is often neglected. Your face comes in contact with your pillow case for a very long period of time. Dirty case = Troubled skin. No brainer. So keep in mind, and change those sheets once a week! 

4. Double Cleanse Your Face if You're Wearing Makeup! 

One wash isn't going to get everything off your skin. There will still be some traces of makeup left on your skin, which will clog your pores, resulting in acne. The recommended way is to first using your cleanser on dry skin, rinse. And followed by a second time on a now wet skin. This ensures that all traces of makeup will be gone, and that your skin is now set to absorb whatever goodness you have in store. 

5. Look At The Ingredients Lists 

Different beauty products will make similar claims. Be a smart consumer, and check the ingredients list before you make a purchase. Is it as good as it says it is? 

More often than not, brands would contain filler ingredients, that do not serve any real skincare benefit. 

There you go. Five simple tips for 2019, and we are sure that your skin will thank you! 

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