How to care for red and sensitive skin

How to care for red and sensitive skin

If you are experiencing red patches and have sensitive skin, don’t worry, you are not alone on this journey. 

Flare ups may be due to a variety of reasons, such as consuming too much spicy food, exposure to sun’s UV rays, consumption of alcohol and caffeine, as well as using unsuitable products for your skin type. 

How do you know what products are right for you?

Generally, it is extremely important to keep your skin drenched in hydration and soothing antioxidants that are suitable for you

All skincare products you pick out should be fragrance-free, especially taking note to avoid lavender, mint, and citrus products, as well as harsh scrubs and abrasives.

Additionally, redness and sensitivity will worsen with exposure to harmful UV rays, so it’s always better to keep that tube of sunscreen close to you! 

Ideally, you might want to opt for a sunscreen that is able to provide not only protection from harmful UV rays, but also one that has hydrating and anti-ageing properties. 

What ingredients to look out for?

  1. Camomile
    Camomile is known for its calming effects, and we can't recommend this ingredient enough! Camomile is anti-inflammatory, which is great for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It is also rich in antioxidants that fights and blocks out irritants by eliminating free radicals which cause cell damage and accelerate the ageing process.

    Additionally, it is also known to calm red and sensitive skin types and best of all, it can be found naturally. 

    Try: Dew Potion - Chamomile and antioxidants can be found in Dew Potion, a waterless essence mist that has the ability to soothe and heal redness due to its antibacterial properties.

  2. Calendula
    The main benefit of Calendula lies in its ability to deeply hydrate. Due to its natural oils and abundance in fatty acids, calendula can be moisturising and nourishing for sensitive skin.

  3. Kaolin Clay
    Kaolin clay helps to detoxify, clear gunk from pores, and absorbs excess oil without stripping your skin of moisture. It is also great in soothing and calming sensitised skin with anti-acne properties.

    Garden Party - Calendula and Kaolin Clay can be found in Garden Party, a clay mask that gently draws out impurities from deep within the skin, coupled with Camu Camu extracts that are effective in calming redness and eczema.

  4. Zinc Oxide 
    Zinc oxide is usually found in sunscreens. It is known to be incredibly gentle and the least likely to cause sensitivity, making it the ideal ingredient for sensitive skin types.

    Try: Morning Glow - Zinc Oxide can be found in Morning Glow, a physical sunscreen, which also helps to heal acne and rashes. Presence of ceramide NP also helps retain moisture levels and strengthens skin barrier, providing a gentle yet hydrating sunscreen to kick start your day!



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