How to fight breakouts in summer

How to fight breakouts in summer

If you are living in a country where you experience the 4 seasons annually and you have just battled and perfected your winter/spring skincare routine, summer comes along and now you have to stick to something more suitable again for the climate. Even if you live in a tropical country like Singapore with summer 24/7 365 days a year, this blog may be insightful to help better manage your skin in the scorching heat! 

What causes breakouts in summer? 

This might differ from person to person, but the unbearable heat is definitely our least favourite thing of summer! With a rise in temperature, it causes our body to sweat more as we go about our day in the sweltering heat. The heat, coupled with high humidity levels, can cause an increase in oil production, causing pores to be clogged quickly, especially when sweat and dead skin cells mix together. All these can lead to the dreaded acne and breakouts that we know of! 

Another cause of breakouts during the summer would be the usage of thick, greasy SPFs on oily skin and extremely rich skincare during the winter regimen, that again, causes clogged pores that manifests as breakouts in the summer. 

However, there are still possible ways to reverse them! 

How to prevent breakouts in summer 

#1 Wash your face 

Cleansing it first and also the most important part to kick start your routine! Make it a point to wash your face every morning and night to remove the build up of oils, sebum and sweat that accumulates throughout the day or night. Washing your face thoroughly can also remove waterproof makeup and stubborn sunscreen that often gets left behind due to washing in a haste or ineffective cleansers. 

Try Kaleanser Face Wash - Kaleanser helps to wash away dirt and grime, together with waterproof makeup and sunscreen to cleanse the skin of any impurities. Use it on your face daily, and even on your back, chest or body if you are experiencing breakouts in those areas too! 

#2 Moisturise and moisturise! 

Your moisturisers during this period should be extremely lightweight and fast absorbing, the complete opposite of what you use in winter! This is to prevent the clogging of pores, while still being able to penetrate the skin for deep hydration, even in this heat! Better still, ingredients like niacinamide can help with acne and breakouts as well, as it can regulate sebum production and aid in hydrating the skin! 

Try Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser - A lightweight gel moisturiser that sinks quickly into the skin upon application. It also has the ability to calm acne and breakouts due to its high oats content, which makes it the perfect buddy you need to use in summer! 

#3 Don’t forget SPF! 

Remember to apply your sunscreens in the summer! With lots of play under the hot sun, sun exposure is bound to be on the high side. Keep your skin well-protected and well-hydrated with a sunscreen with high SPF, preferably one that has a SPF of 50 that prevents premature ageing!

Try Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen -  A broad spectrum SPF50, PA++++ physical sunscreen that checks all your sunscreen boxes! It does not cause a white film after application, and is lightweight and perfect under makeup. This sunscreen is extremely protective and can help prevent signs of ageing with its magic formula! 

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