How to give yourself a facial at home

How to give yourself a facial at home

Indulging in professional facials can be a pricey and time-consuming affair, making it challenging for many of us to commit to a monthly routine. However, fear not, as we've curated a rejuvenating facial routine that you can easily follow in the comfort of your own home.

Achieve salon-worthy results with these essential steps:

  • Gentle Gel Cleanser:

Begin by cleansing your skin with a mild yet effective gel cleanser, such as Kaleanser Face Wash. Take a moment to massage the cleanser onto your face for 2-3 minutes, allowing the product to work its magic. Rinse it off with lukewarm water for a refreshed feel.

  • Peeling Exfoliator:

Elevate your routine with a gentle peeling gel exfoliator like Bright Skies. Apply it to your dry face and massage the product in, witnessing the removal of dead skin cells. Wash away the exfoliator with lukewarm water, revealing instantly softer and brighter skin.

  • Soothing Sheet Mask:

Treat your skin to the calming and hydrating effects of a sheet mask, such as Tea-Tox. Apply it to dry skin and let it work its wonders for 15 minutes. After removing the mask, gently pat the remaining serum into your skin for a nourished and revitalised complexion.

  • Overnight Sleeping Mask:

Seal in the benefits of your facial routine by applying an overnight sleeping mask like Dream Capsule. Allow this luxurious mask to lock in moisture while you sleep, waking up the next morning to visibly brighter and plumper skin.

By incorporating these simple yet effective steps into your home facial routine, you can enjoy the perks of a professional treatment without the time and expense associated with spa visits. Your skin will thank you for the extra care and attention!

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