How to identify your skin type.

How to identify your skin type.

Everyone's skin is unique. 

But there are certain categories we fall into where our skin fits in the most.

Identifying your skin type is important as it helps you choose products that are most suitable. Using products that are too harsh may encourage excessive oil production and using products that are too rich may result in decreased oil production. 

Therefore, taking the time to identify your skin type can help you choose suitable skincare for your skin, leading it to it's happy place. 

This can be figured out using a foolproof way – the Bareskin Method

After cleansing thoroughly, gently pat your face dry and do not apply any skincare for at least 30 minutes. Thereafter, examine your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and use the following image as a guide. 

After figuring out your skin type, the next step is to only give your skin what it needs. 

Oily Skin Rebalance with clay masks 
Combo Skin Tackle with spot treatments
Dry Skin Hydrate and moisturise
Sensitive Skin Avoid harsh products and ingredients 
Normal Skin Prioritise prevention (SPF, anti-ageing) 

Our skin type can change overtime. Factors such as pregnancy, diet or location play a huge part. Always remember to check and listen to your skin

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