How to reapply sunscreen without ruining your makeup

How to reapply sunscreen without ruining your makeup

There are two golden rules when it comes to SPF protection and we’re sure you’ve heard both of them - the two-finger rule, and the reapplication rule. This ensures that you get ample SPF protection throughout the day, keeping your skin from pre-mature aging! 

Having a good sunscreen in your skincare routine is not only to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, but also to provide a good base for makeup. Sigi Skin’s Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, formulated with niacinamide and avocado extracts, gives you the best of both worlds and you will see that beautiful, dewy finish once you’re done with your makeup routine. 

And while applying sunscreen is all easy peasy lemon squeesy in the morning before you do your makeup, the tricky part is when you have to reapply without ruining your foundation and concealer. We’ve got some tips on how to avoid that! 

First off, take a piece of tissue or oil blotting paper to gently remove any excessive oil on your face. This creates a better canvas for sunscreen reapplication, making sure that the oil doesn’t mix with the sunscreen and end up melting away your makeup. 

Next, continue following the two-finger rule. Squeeze out a single line of sunscreen on your index and middle finger, which is the adequate amount that should cover your full face. Then, use a clean finger to dip into the sunscreen and dab it onto your face in small dots. Think of it as applying foundation - dab, don’t rub. You can then choose to use your fingers or take a beauty blender to tap out the sunscreen until it sits evenly on your face. Finally, follow up with your favourite setting power, and you’re all good to go! 

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