How to Repair Your Moisture Barrier

How to Repair Your Moisture Barrier

What is a Moisture Barrier?

The skin's moisture barrier helps the skin to retain moisture.


Why is it important?

It works to keep good stuff in and bad stuff (ie, irritants and pollutants) out.


Healthy VS unhealthy moisture barrier:



How to check your moisture barrier?

If your skin look and feel rough, dull, flaky, inflamed, red, and itchy it means your skin's barrier is damaged.


Other factors that might damage it

Not drinking enough water or drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.

Environmental factors, like too much sun can also be damaging.


How to repair your moisture barrier?

1. Use a gentle non-stripping cleanser, like Kaleanser.

It is formulated to effectively remove grime while respecting your skin's natural barrier.


2. Moisturise and hydration is key to a healthy skin barrier.

If you have dry skin, we would recommend you to layer Dew Potion 2-3 times and fully pat the essence in.


3. During the day, do not forget to moisturise your skin, even though if it feels oily.


Use our lightweight Idyllic Fields, that is able to deeply hydrate your skin without feeling greasy. Do not forget to apply sunscreen as well!



4. Repair your skin during the night time with our best seller, Dream Capsule!

It helps to repair your skin barrier while you sleep.

Bonus - pairing up Dream Capsule with Tea-Tox helps to give your skin a nice radiant glow, no filter needed!


Our Stay Home Kit has all you need to repair your skin's moisture barrier!


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