How travelling affects your skin

How travelling affects your skin


Most airplane cabins have low humidity. Along with that lack of humidity comes a dip in the hydration level of your skin on a plane. 

Skip the facial mists! It might feel hydrating, but as the water evaporates from your skin, it can make dryness worse. 

When there is no water in the air, moisturisers don’t work as well since there is nothing to grab onto, use a moisturiser that has humectants such as polyglutamic acid found in Idyllic Fields. It holds 10x more moisture than Hyaluronic acid. Also, use a waterless hydrating mist such as Dew Potion to combat dryness.


Tap water differs from city to city. All tap waters have minerals, but the amount of minerals in the water will determine how much stress you could be putting your skin under. The amount of these minerals will be much higher with hard water, which is the worst for your face. 

Hard tap water can cause dryness, irritation and even breakouts because it can clog your pores. 

Use a gentle cleanser that rebalances your pH levels such as Kaleanser. It helps to remove all grime, makeup and dirt while respecting your skin barrier. There’s also no need for a separate makeup remover!


Travelling during the summer when the weather is warmer and humidity is higher can affect your skin. As your skin starts to adjust to warm or hot weather and humid air, this often means feeling greasy and heavy as more oil gets trapped on the surface of the skin. 

Exfoliate 1-2x a week gently using Bright Skies to unclog dead skin cells. Follow up with Garden Party after exfoliating to absorb excess sebum and minimise the appearance of your pores! Lastly, never skip sunscreen, especially during summer where UV rays are at its strongest. Use Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen that is also waterproof which is perfect for the summer!

The same is true during the winter when the weather is colder and humidity is low. Your skin will lose moisture faster leading to dry, flaky skin as there is a decrease in natural oils. 

Use our overnight sleeping mask, Dream Capsule with squalane and purslane to lock all the moisture in before you sleep.

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