How & When to use Youth Beam

How & When to use Youth Beam

Youth Beam is an anti-ageing night serum that will provide instant hydration and skin relief - the absolute skin booster! Nourish your skin and repair cellular damage while asleep to ensure that your skin’s microbiome is self-resilient and less sensitive over time.

Say hello to soft, glowing and happy skin the next morning!

Here’s how you incorporate Youth Beam into your night routine:


1. Start off with Kaleanser and Dew Potion 

To remove makeup, gently massage 1–2 pumps of Kaleanser on dry face — it can even be used around the eyes to remove traces of mascara and eyeshadow. Once complete, rinse your face with water. Repeat twice.

For everyday normal use, gently massage 1–2 pumps directly onto wet skin, then rinse off.

Next, close your eyes and mist Dew Potion generously over freshly cleansed skin.


2. Follow up with Youth Beam

Use 2-3 pumps of the serum and apply evenly to the face (damp skin is the best for product absorption). Massage into the skin using an upward motion and pat gently for the product to be fully absorbed. Use nightly. 


3. Next, use Tea-Tox

After toning and hydrating with Dew Potion and Youth Beam, remove the sheet mask from its package and place carefully over your face. Smooth over and adjust around the eyes, nose and mouth as you see fit.

Leave the sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes, after which, remove the mask and enjoy your new glow! Pat any remaining essence gently into your skin. 

Use daily or weekly.

It is recommended for new users to start off 4 times a week, and then twice a week thereafter to maintain skin health.


4. Lastly, end the routine off with Dream Capsule 

At night, apply an even layer of Dream Capsule to seal in all the luxurious ingredients into your skin. 

Use alone or as the last step in your usual night routine. Leave on overnight, no rinsing required. 

For best results, use nightly. Please avoid using around the eye area. In the morning, follow up with your regular cleansing routine and use sunscreen.

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