Importance of caring for your skin after working out

Importance of caring for your skin after working out

Coming back from that yoga class, or a quick session at the gym? Don’t forget to pay extra attention to your skin even then! 

Exercising, although a healthy incorporation in our daily lives, must be followed up by good skincare habits to prevent multiple skin concerns. A good workout session can help relieve stress due to lower cortisol levels, and can even prevent the breakdown of collagen which may increase the chances of fine lines and wrinkles! However, if your skin is not cared for after a session, and the longer sweat stays on the surface of your skin, the higher the chance for multiple skin concerns such as breakouts and clogged pores. 

Keep reading to find out some reasons why it is therefore crucial to inculcate a habit of caring for your skin after exercising! 

#1 Acne & breakouts

Working out can exacerbate acne-prone skin as it can result in more pimples and papules on the skin. This is due to the mixing of sweat, sebum and dead skin cells even after a low impact bout of pilates, which can cause pores to be clogged and result in what we know as whiteheads and blackheads. 

Furthermore, it is of course a given that everyone wants to look glammed up, even when at the gym! However, not removing your makeup before a workout causes sweat to mix with makeup and results in a build up of impurities and sweat, preventing your skin from breathing and resting! These nasties can then cause clogged pores which can lead to breakouts! 

To prevent breakouts, remove makeup before going for a class and cleanse your face immediately when freshening up to prevent build up of impurities. 

#2 Exacerbate rosacea and eczema

Breaking out a sweat can also trigger rosacea and eczema, due to overheating and the intensity of the workout. When we exercise, It can result in redness, and increased skin sensitivity as well as irritability, especially if you are prone to the above skin conditions. It is, however, still possible to not rule out exercising completely. It can be better managed if you incorporate anti-inflammatory and hydrating products for your skin after your session to prevent it from flaring up! 

#3 Sun damage 

If you are more of an outdoors person, cycling, running and swimming are probably activities that are right up your alley! However, this would mean that there is an increase in sun exposure. Prolonged hours under the sun can expose you to risks such as getting a sunburn, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Furthermore, the harmful UV rays can also result in premature ageing such as early onset of wrinkles and fine lines! It is therefore important that you slather on sunscreen and never forget this step even if you are exercising indoors as sun rays can still penetrate through windows!

Try: The Minis - A travel sized set with all the absolute essentials to take good care of your skin right after a workout and can easily fit in any bag! It consists of: 

Kaleanser Face Wash - The only facial wash you need that doubles up as a waterproof makeup remover on dry skin! Kaleanser can gently yet effectively dislodge debris, sweat and oil from pores immediately, and should be used right after working out or ASAP to ensure clean, supple and smooth skin! 

Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask - Although its intended use is for the PM, it can definitely be utilised in the day as well for deep hydration and calming of red and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and eczema. It can also help with sealing in all the much-needed moisture and prevent skin dryness! 

Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen - It has broad spectrum protection with SPF50 and PA++++, that is not only hydrating, it can also prevent hyperpigmentation and formation of wrinkles. It also acts as the perfect primer underneath makeup, excellent for when you are heading out after working out! 

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