Importance of Skin Barrier

Importance of Skin Barrier

Your skin is composed of layers, each of which serves an important purpose in protecting your body. There are 3 layers of tissues that make up the skin. The epidermis is the top layer, the visible and touchable top layer of skin. The dermis is the middle layer and it makes up 90% of skin’s thickness. The hypodermis is the bottom or fatty layer of the skin and the fat in the hypodermis protects your muscles and bones from injury.

What is the skin barrier? 

The skin barrier is a wall that prevents toxins and pathogens from the environment that can penetrate your skin and harm in your body. Without your skin barrier, the water in your body would escape and evaporate, leaving you dehydrated. Your skin barrier is critical to your health and must be protected in order to function properly.

What can damage your skin barrier?

Every day, your skin is pelted with threats, many of which come from outside your body and a few from within. 

External and internal conditions that can impair your skin barrier include:

  • Pollutants, allergens, and irritants
  • Excessive exfoliation or washing
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Psychological distress

How to protect and restore your skin barrier?

Here is a simple 3 step evening/night skincare routine using Sigi Skin’s products: 

Cleansing your Face (Kaleanser)

You can start off your skincare routine with the Kaleanser to remove dirt and impurities. The Kaleanser also doubles as a makeup remover and it provides a gentle cleanse without stripping away your skin’s moisture barrier. This allows your skin to retain the moisture to maintain its structure and buoyancy.

Hydrate with Essence Mist (Dew Potion)

After cleansing, you can hydrate with the Dew Potion essence mist by spraying it directly on your face. The Dew Potion is waterless, formulated and packed with 100% extracts of many beneficial ingredients such as Chamomile, Maqui Berry and Aqua 3G. This refreshing and hydrating formula will provide moisture to the skin and in addition, protect your skin from pollutants and environmental stressors.


Putting on Moisturiser (Dream Capsule)


After hydration, it is important to apply a layer of Sigi Skin’s overnight masking moisturiser on skin that is exposed to ensure better absorption of the substance. Dream Capsule is the perfect treat for repairing and nourishing your skin as it contains ingredients like Bakuchiol which tightens and repairs skins. Another important feature of Dream Capsule includes its anti-aging properties present in active ingredients such as purslane. Purslane is a plant that stimulates collagen production and it aids in cell repair for our skin.

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