Ingredient Spotlight Fig - Youth Beam

Ingredient Spotlight Fig - Youth Beam

Fig also known as Ficus carica, is an Asian species of flowering plant. They possess high concentrations of polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, omega fatty acids and vitamins, including vitamin A, B1 and B2. 

There are many benefits to this ingredient - here are 4 main benefits to the Fig

Enhances hydration

Along with being an antioxidant, fig has been shown to enhance skin’s hydration by preventing water loss from the skin’s uppermost layers. 

Prevents hyperpigmentation 

It can also visibly improve skin colour by addressing an enzyme in the skin (tyrosinase) whose overproduction can lead to dark spots.

Reduces inflammation

Also helps uncomfortably dry, tight skin, including compromised, redness-prone skin.

Brightens skin tone 

Figs contain a high amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to brighten and even out skin tone. 

Fig is a key ingredient found in our Youth Beam anti-aging Night Serum! It helps to hydrate your skin and brighten complexion - say bye to dull, flaky and dry skin!

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