Is layering SPF effective?

Is layering SPF effective?

When it comes to sunscreen, layering it on isn’t always better. This is because layering SPF doesn’t increase the number of active ingredients going on your face. However, it does increase your chances of getting the right amount of sunscreen on your face. 

It may be instinctive to think that using more than one product with SPF in it - sunscreen, lotion or makeup - will give you maximum coverage from the UV rays. However using an SPF 15, then an SPF 30 followed by an SPF 20 won’t give you a total SPF of 65. Unfortunately the limit is based on the highest SPF number you are using, not the additive number. Hence, the total SPF would be 30. 

Although the SPF factor is not additive, there is a benefit to layering your SPF through different products. 

Most people don’t actually wear the recommended amount of sunscreen daily. Studies have found that on average, people use anywhere from one quarter to half of the amount of sunscreen they are supposed to apply to get the full SPF coverage that's listed on the product bottle. Layering products with SPF in it is great in the sense that you’ll be more likely to wear the right amount of sunscreen on your face. 

However, this should not be the sole way you are getting the right amount of sunscreen on your face. It is still best to use the right amount of an actual sunscreen product. Relying on SPF in makeup is insufficient for the skin as SPF in makeup are usually chemical blockers and not physical blockers. Chemical blockers are generally thinner and get absorbed faster.

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