It's time to listen to your skin!

It's time to listen to your skin!

Do you feel like you've tried everything to make your skin better? 

  • A new cleanser to reduce acne;
  • A new serum to brighten;
  • A new moisturiser to hydrate....

The list goes on. 

And you feel that each new product you add to your skincare regime, it just gave you false hopes because "it's not working". 

In the process, it even made your skin become more sensitive and agitated.

Don't lose hope! 💖

What you're doing may be too much for your skin to handle; it's time to listen to your skin

What your skin really needs now is time. Time for it to heal and find itself again. 

So, say goodbye to complicated routines and let's go back to basics!

All your skin needs is a 3-step routine: 

  1. Cleansing
  2. Moisturising
  3. Protecting
This "skincare diet" will help your skin recover and rebuild your skin barrier, which may have been disrupted when it was being fed with so many products it didn't need. 


1. Cleansing 

Our Kaleanser rebalances your skin’s pH level and does not strip away your natural moisture barrier. It has a unique, jelly-like texture and is gentle to use in both AM and PM. It is also suitable to double cleanse with in the PM, simply use on dry skin and rinse, then proceeding to use on wet skin (like a normal cleanser). 

2. Moisturising

You should opt for a day moisturiser that would suit your skin type.

In the PM, Dream Capsule will repair and nourish your skin overnight and erases radical damage that was accumulated during the day. With bakuchiol, purslane, squalane and niacinamide, this ultimate anti-oxidant smoothie will strengthen your skin barrier. 

3. Protecting

The most important step of all – sunscreen, because UV rays are not our friends! Our 100% physical sunscreen, Morning Glow, has a light whipped texture that blends into your skin without leaving any white cast or greasy film. Featuring avocado and acai extracts, these superfood ingredients will help counteract the effects of the sun’s infrared rays while keeping the skin youthful and supple.


Want to go on a skincare diet? Try The Minis, which includes all 3 products mentioned. 

Stick to this routine for a month or so, and also take this time to make transformative lifestyle changes by changing up your diet, sleeping habits and stress levels. 

After listening to your skin, you'll come to notice that your skin will eventually be happier and healthier!

#yourskinshappyplace 😊

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