Morning skincare routine

Morning skincare routine

Good morning sleepy heads! Before you start hitting that snooze button, remember that your skincare routine is waiting for you with open arms to give you a great head start in the morning! 

If you are just starting out or are looking to change up your morning skincare routine, you’ve reached the right place! Here are some general guidelines to start your day right: 


1. Start with a cleanser 
Washing your face should always be the first step of your routine, to remove all that gunk and nasties from the night before! This step is also crucial to ensure that you start off with a clean face, eliminating buildup of leftover products from the night before or some remnants of makeup left behind. 

Try Kaleanser - A gentle jelly-like cleanser that makes cleansing feels like an absolute dream, giving the best morning greeting you can receive once you foam that baby up! Formulated with kale extracts, Kaleanser is packed with Vitamins A, B, C and K that help tighten pores and detoxify your skin, giving you a soft and supple canvas ready for subsequent skincare products! 


2. Go in with essence

Next, on freshly cleansed skin, go in with an essence which has much more benefits for your skin than a normal toner! Essence is formulated for a much faster absorption and hydration, and has more actives that help to nourish your skin! 

Try Dew Potion - Formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, Dew Potion is a waterless essence that contains chamomile extracts and Aqua 3G that are calming and soothing for your skin, coupled with antioxidants that block irritants and free radicals that can help slow the ageing process white providing adequate hydration and locking in of moisture. 


3. Moisturiser

After essence, pat in and seal everything with a good moisturiser that works for your skin, to ensure it stays hydrated and supple throughout the day when you’re out! 
Try Idyllic Fields - A lightweight moisturiser that is made up of 71.9% oats, aimed to protect and calm skin instantly while balancing pH levels and repairing skin barrier. A soft baby yellow souffle texture, Idyllic Fields sinks instantly into your skin, making it the perfect moisturiser under makeup! 

Get Good Days’ Vibe - An all-in-one set consisting of Kaleanser, Dew Potion, and Idyllic Fields, at a discounted price!


4. Finish your skincare routine with sunscreen! 

Don’t neglect putting on sunscreen even if you are just going to be indoors as harmful UV rays can still penetrate windows and cloud cover! Sun exposure is also the cause of premature ageing and wrinkles, hence it is crucial that you are not skipping this essential step every day! 

Try Morning Glow - A physical sunscreen that effectively deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays away from the surface of your skin, keeping you protected from hyperpigmentation and premature ageing! 


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