Natural vs Vegan skincare

Natural vs Vegan skincare

There are countless skincare products in the market, but do you know the means as to how it is being formulated and bottled for your consumption? Here’s an explanation on the difference between products that are labelled as natural vs vegan! 


Natural skincare products refer to items that are made without synthetic chemicals which may irritate the skin. These chemicals can include fragrance, dyes and preservatives.

Contrary to popular belief, being all natural is not always a good thing! 100% natural products will have a shorter shelf life as there will be no chemicals that prolong its life, making it go bad quickly.

Skincare products that are natural are also less sustainable in the long-run as they come from natural resources that will deplete over time. Also, quality differs each time based on the harvest for that particular batch, as compared to synthetics that would have a consistent quality overtime. For example, the ingredient squalene is very unstable, and is even comedogenic for some skin types. It tends to also go bad rather quickly if left on the shelf. Squalane on the other hand, is derived when squalene goes through hydrogenation processing. This means that it turns squalene from an unsaturated oil into a 100% saturated oil, making it more stable to include in skincare products.


If the label says “vegan”, “vegan-friendly” or “100% vegan”, it means that the product does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.

Vegan makeup and skincare products do not have any animal produce, which is difficult to manufacture as honey, dairy, lactic acid, biotin and lanolin are all derived from animals.

Plant-based and vegan ingredients are more sustainable as compared to natural ingredients from animal products or by-products are more sustainable as fewer natural resources are used and needed, which is hence less taxing on the environment.

Sigi Skin is a vegan-friendly beauty brand that uses vegan and clean preservatives instead of chemicals like parabens and sulfates. It therefore gives rise to a more stable product as compared to a 100% natural product that would gradually change in colour and texture. The clean preservatives will also extend the shelf life of our products. Using superfoods with clean, synthetic scientifically proven ingredients that have proven results, the formulations work even harder and are more effective for your skin. Sigi Skin, as a vegan-friendly clean beauty brand, pledges to ensure that our formulas are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well! 

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