Niacinamide – The hero ingredient everyone loves.

Niacinamide – The hero ingredient everyone loves.

Niacinamide, which is vitamin B3, is actually an unsung hero ingredient for our skin.


It has a myriad of skin boosting properties such as repairing a damaged skin barrier, which is good for people who have skin sensitivity and redness, and fighting premature signs of aging.

One of the key main benefits it has is brightening your skin tone. Studies have shown that Niacinamide can prevent and lessen hyperpigmentation over continuous usage.

It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help to strengthen the skin barrier and synthesise lipids that is needed for healthy and glowing skin! This is very much needed now, especially with the recent rise of mask-ne issues.

Extensive research has also shown that niacinamide helps to protect the skin against free radical damage and also helps to boost production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


Since it is such a great ingredient with wholesome benefits, does it mean that the higher concentration it is in a product is better?

Not really! Niacinamide is optimal at 3-8%, those who have skin sensitivity should be cautious when trying out a product that has a high dose of niacinamide as it might result in a slight tingling sensation and redness, so be careful to not over use it!


Niacinamide is found in both of our fan favourites, Morning Glow and Dream Capsule.

Try it, and let it work wonders for your skin! 🥰

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