Our BACKTOSCHOOL skincare recommendations

Our BACKTOSCHOOL skincare recommendations

Yay to a new year and to the start of school! Worrying about clearing up your skin for school? Fret not, here are 4 skincare recommendations from us to achieve that perfect glass skin! Our recommendations are all easy to use, fuss free, effective and affordable.



Our gentle and effective cleanser is the perfect pick me up for your lazy mornings (and afternoons)! You can use it before and after school as well! It removes makeup effectively, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated after a long day of lectures and tutorials.


Dew Potion

Our toner essence mist is the definition of compact and fuss free! With our newly improved packaging, it comes with a finer mist and more compact bottle. Allowing you to bring it around for long lectures, classes and tutorials without it occupying your entire bag! You can even use it as a form of makeup prep. Spritz it onto your beauty blender and touch up your make up on the go! 



Idyllic Fields

This daytime moisturiser is definitely one of our best selling products! Our waterless daytime moisturiser effectively targets dry skin and compromised skin barrier. It contains everything good for your skin - 71.9% oats, troxerutin, polyglutamic acid and matcha extracts. Now you know it's one of our best sellers for a reason!



4. Morning Glow

Never forget your SPF! It's the most important step of your morning routine as you leave for school (or even work!) Morning glow contains SPF 50, protecting you from the harmful UV rays in school. It blends into your skin upon application, without leaving white and greasy residue on your skin. If you are not the type to wear makeup to school, just apply Morning Glow generously and you're all ready for school!



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