Pssst… Want to Know the Secret to Dream Skin?

Pssst… Want to Know the Secret to Dream Skin?

We all dream of waking up with flawless, glowing skin, without any spots in sight. With Sigi Skin’s Dream Capsule getting that flawless face is anything but a dream.

Here are 3 reasons why Dream Capsule is your go-to overnight mask!

  1. Sleep your way to Beautiful Skin

Does doing a full night routine seem like too much work especially after a long day at the office? If so, overnight masks might just be the thing for you.

Overnight masks give your skin that extra helping hand in the renewal process without any effort on your part. It’s the perfect solution for those who find themselves constantly racing against the clock- perfect for time-pressed urbanites.

Now, you no longer have to sacrifice precious sleep time for skincare. Make the most of your beauty sleep with Sigi Skin’s overnight face mask, Dream Capsule.  


  1. An All-encompassing Anti-Aging Mask

It’s no secret that hydration is key when it comes to youthful, vibrant-looking skin. But with constant exposure to harsh UV rays, airborne pollutants and stress, our skin looks dull and tired despite everything we do.

Dream Capsule packs multiple benefits in one gorgeous lilac, airtight bottle, which includes visible hydrating, anti-inflammatory, firming, brightening and skin-repairing effects.

This lightweight overnight mask harnesses the prowess of nature to restore youthful radiance, health and vitality to fatigued, stressed skin. 


  1. Dream-worthy Formulation and Ingredients

In with the good and out with the bad. That is the new motto when it comes to skincare. Overnight masks lock in all the good, active ingredients whilst keeping the bad ones - dirt and dust out.

Four highly potent and effective key ingredients - Bakuchiol, Purslane, Niacinamide and Squalane – were carefully selected to tackle multiple premature ageing signs such as dullness, lack of firmness, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and dehydration.

The ultimate anti-oxidant smoothie, Sigi Skin’s first-ever face mask melts onto the skin like a dream with its silky air-whipped texture, doing all the heavy lifting while you sleep.

Find out more about Dream Capsule here


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