Re-launch of Minis

Re-launch of Minis

We are bringing the most highly requested product back onto our website! For the last 2 years, they have been on the minds of many and individuals have spoken their truth on how they feel about the trio. Although small in size, they pack the same powerful punch as the regular sized items and are great for all occasions, big or small. We are excited to re-introduce you to the restock of our sold-out series, The Minis.

The Minis consists of the following: 

  • Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask - 10ml
  • Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen - 15ml 
  • Kaleanser Face Wash - 20ml 

Never underestimate the amount of products these babies have in them! They can last for a much longer period of time than what you expect, say about 2-3 weeks of daily usage. It is therefore the perfect time frame for you to dip your toes into Sigi Skin products as a trial kit if you are new to the brand, and the optimal span to monitor if your skin loves us (we are pretty sure it does)!

The Minis are not only great for a new start, but are also suitable to bring along with you in your carry-on or luggage whenever you travel around the world! Say goodbye to bulky tubes and worries of leakage - The Minis got you covered with their petite size, twist-to-open secure cap, and the same superfood infused formula! 

Even bringing it along to the gym for a quick shower session after your workout has never been easier! Just pop them into your bag and head out the door with zero weight and full maximum skin benefits. 

The Minis are also great for gifting to your friends or family, especially if you wish to introduce them to the brand but are unsure on which specific ones to try out! This is therefore a great option as it provides not 1, but 3 different wonderful products that are in our top 5 best sellers! 

We have also got you covered for short staycations. With The Minis, you will never go back to wanting to bag the free samples from hotel rooms anymore! We just hit different - in a good way.

Get your Minis now here!

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