Saving extremely dry skin

Saving extremely dry skin

Dry skin can be tricky to deal with, especially if you are not using the right products and ingredients! What you want to include would definitely be looking out for humectants that draw water from the environment into your skin such as the industry favourite - hyaluronic acid! If you are struggling with very dry skin that leads to skin peeling, here are some methods you can try out to quench its thirst! 

#1 Cleanse thoroughly 

To start, use a gentle facial wash to cleanse skin from impurities and debris such as makeup and stubborn sunscreen. Always opt for a gentle one which does not give you that icky, squeaky clean feeling that feels stripping. The right cleanser should not be stripping your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling even drier than before. Cleansing your face with a good face wash can help protect your skin from the drying effects of water while in the shower, especially if you have a habit of turning up the water heater! 

If you are currently searching for a holy grail, try Kaleanser Face Wash - it helps to remove not only sunscreen, but waterproof makeup too! It has a dreamy jelly-like texture that makes cleansing a joy due to its ability to leave your skin plump and soft immediately after 1 wash! 

#2 Double up on moisturising

A soothing moisturiser should come next in line, to replace and replenish all the hydration loss throughout the day or night and keep your skin barrier healthy while balancing moisture levels of your skin! Moisturisers are a must have for all, and especially for very dry skin, a wisely chosen one can make a huge difference with consistent use. It does not always have to be formulated with thick creams for it to do its job! If you are looking for a lightweight but effective moisturiser, try Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser - it has a gel texture that makes absorption into the skin so much faster, plus, it is also formulated with polyglutamic acid which is 10x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid! 

#3 Apply sunscreen 

No matter the condition of your skin, finish up your morning routine with sunscreen. Sun exposure can further exacerbate the dryness and flakiness, which only spells trouble! Prevent that from happening by incorporating a sunscreen of at least SPF50 to block out harmful UV rays and stop premature ageing at the same time! To prevent increased skin sensitivity, opt for a physical sunscreen like Morning Glow which forms a physical barrier on the surface of your skin instead of being absorbed into the bloodstream like a chemical sunscreen, and filters out both UVA and UVB rays. Morning Glow also contains addition of hyaluronic acid which helps in protecting AND hydrating your skin! 

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