Self Care Is The New Going Out

Self Care Is The New Going Out

Selfcare is the new going out!


We might have been busier than ever during this circuit breaker (lock down period for people not staying in Singapore).

Constant zoom calls, struggling to adjust to working from home and juggling your kids’ home-based learning? We feel you! During this hectic period, we might have neglected ourselves and our skin.

If we make a conscious effort and take some time to apply skincare, we’re also engaging in soothing acts that can be considered self-care. It takes just 5 minutes to apply some eye cream and sunscreen in the morning, and gently massaging your face using an overnight sleeping mask at night.

We are improving our skin and at the same time, applying skincare can be a relaxing and meditative experience.

During your night-time skincare routine, play some relaxing music and do the following:


  • Start off with Kaleanser. Ensure that your face is thoroughly clean. Try the 60 seconds method, whereby you gently massage the Kaleanser onto your skin for 60 seconds and rinse off. 
  • Pat your face dry using a face cloth.
  • Spritz Dew Potion on and pat, pat, pat! If you want your skin to feel more hydrated and nourished after a long and tiring day (especially if you have to wear a face mask for a long period of time), you can go in with a second and third layer. You simply have to spritz and pat all the essence in, once done, follow in with a third spritz. Take you time to do this, and enjoy the scent of Dew Potion as well.
  • Time to care for your eyes! Gently use your ring finger to pat Pink Nectar at your eye area. Remember the less force the better. The remaining amount can be used to nourish your lips, as it works as a lip mask as well.
  • Seal in all the goodness with Dream Capsule as your last step in your skincare routine. It helps to revitalize your skin while you sleep, truly a flash facial in the bottle. Enhance the experience by doing a facial massage with Dream Capsule in an upwards motion.





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