Sigi Skin's Sustainable Practices

Sigi Skin's Sustainable Practices

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on 22nd April. It is a day for us to not forget the environment, to continue to do little things that can help our environment.

Continue reading as we shed light on sustainable practices we practice here at Sigi Skin!


Packaging and printing

We use recycled paper for our product's boxes and they are printed using soy-based inks!

We have a sustainable production process 

With 2 waterless products in our line (Dew Potion and Idyllic Fields), we do not use water during its production which results in less water wastage.

A waterless formulation also provides more goodness for your skin and has better efficacy!

Dew Potion is made of 100% extracts, with 55% of it being Chamomile Extracts. This makes it super soothing for the skin, and can help reduce acne with its anti-bacterial properties

Idyllic Fields, our newest daytime moisturiser has a high concentration of 71.9% Colloidal Oatmeal extracts. Oats helps to calm redness and irritation, and prevent transepidermal water loss.

Our products are thoughtfully formulated

Location and season are taken into consideration for the ingredients that we source. 

For example, we produced Tea-Tox during the yuzu season in Korea!

Also, the matcha extracts found in Idyllic Fields are from Jeju Island, to cut down on carbon wastage as it is near the production facility.

Our boxes, bottles and tubes can be recycled

For boxes, simply flatten them out and place them in the recycling bin!

For Morning Glow and Kaleanser tubes:

For Dew Potion, Idyllic Fields, and Dream Capsule bottles:

1. Cut the tube open at the top

2. Remove and use any remaining product

3. Unscrew caps and separate the cap and pump

4. Toss the pump into the trash can

5. Place empty tubes and caps into the recycling bin!

1. Dismantle the cap and pump from the bottle.

2. Remove and use any remaining product

3. Discard pump into rubbish bin

4. Place empty bottles and caps into the recycling bin!


We started a new initiative – help us use less materials!

Every order you make with us comes with the product's box, a brochure, a card and a sticker.

If you do not require any of the above mentioned, feel free to let us know in the order notes section!

This will help us use less materials, and only providing it when necessary. 


Happy Earth Day! Let's all do our part to protect Mother Earth. ❤️

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