Signs of premature aging

Signs of premature aging

Aging is an inevitable process of life. 

As we get older, our skin cell turnover slows down and takes longer to regenerate. This leaves room for signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fatigue, to take place.

While it is impossible to prevent aging from happening, there are ways to reduce these signs, especially when it happens earlier than expected – hence the term "premature aging". 

As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure", totally apt for aging skin!

Here are 3 common signs of premature aging:

1. Wrinkles or fine lines

Wrinkles or fine lines, especially near the eyes, are the first noticeable signs of aging. They are easily triggered by our daily facial expressions, hence these lines tend to become deeper as time goes by. 

As our skin's collagen production levels begin to slow down, it is unable to retain its firmness and bounciness. 

  • Boost your skin's collagen production levels with our overnight sleeping mask like Dream Capsule. Formulated with 4 key ingredients – Bakuchiol, Niacinamide, Purslane and Squalane, Dream Capsule firms and plumps your skin, while you sleep. 


2. Sun spots

As we enter our 30s, the cumulative impact of sun damage including sun spots, starts to appear. These hyper-pigmented spots may develop on the face, the back of your hands, or on your forearms.

  • Never skip a day of sunscreen, even when you're at home! UV rays are still able to enter from our windows, and blue light rays from our digital screens contribute to these sun damage. Try Morning Glow, our hydrating physical sunscreen that does not leave a white cast and greasy feeling.


3. Dry skin 

As a teen, oily skin was the common enemy. But as an adult with aging skin, meet your new enemy – dry skin. Our skin gradually becomes thinner as we age, which means it is more susceptible to dehydration. The sun, smoking, and stress can also contribute to dry skin.

  • A potent yet gentle moisturiser like Idyllic Fields addresses concerns such as skin dryness and compromised skin barriers. This waterless formulation contains 71.9% oats and is able to prevent trans epidermal water loss during the day.

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