Signs Your Skin Is stressed

Signs Your Skin Is stressed

When we’re in stressful situations, our skin is often the first to react.

Here's a few signs that shows your skin is stressed:


1. Extreme Oiliness

This is an indication that your skin’s pH balance is off, meaning that it’s overextended.

A gentle cleanser like Kaleanser will help rebalance your skin's pH levels, without stripping your moisture barrier.


2. Breakouts

This is the most obvious indicator that your skin needs some extra attention. 

Show your skin some tender loving care with our soothing sheet mask, Tea-Tox!

It helps to eliminate redness and irritation.


3. Eczema or Rosacea

These skin conditions point to inflammation, aka stress.

Restore compromised skin barrier with Idyllic Fields.

This daytime moisturiser is made with 71.9% oats, an extremely skin-soothing ingredient.


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