Skin on-the-go: Essentials for travelling

Skin on-the-go: Essentials for travelling

How does travelling affect your skin?

When you are travelling, you tend to neglect your daily skincare routine. You are also exposed to different weather and environmental conditions as well as pollution levels which may cause skin sensitivity. Not to mention the variety of foods - including junk food - you will be eating that will affect your skin’s condition. 

Products to use for your A.M and P.M routine 

Keeping your routine simple and easy is the key to skin on-the-go. We recommend using 3 products for your night time routine and 3 products for your day time routine to maintain hydration and protection. 

For your day time routine, we recommend a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. Start off your day by cleansing with our Kaleanser face wash, moisturise with Idyllic Fields and finish with Morning Glow sunscreen. We can’t emphasise how important it is to apply an spf, especially when travelling! Throughout the day, use Dew Potion essence mist to keep your skin hydrated and protected from any free radicals. 

For your night time routine, we recommend to double cleanse with the Kaleanser again as it doubles up as a makeup remover. Then follow up with our Youth Beam night serum to repair any cellular damage throughout the day. Finish off with Dream Capsule, our overnight sleeping mask as your moisturiser and all that's left is to wake up with glowy, soft skin!

Just remember, when travelling, keeping your skin hydrated is the most important - so amp up the hydration!

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